Progetti presentati

1) OPERA: Operational Procedure for Emission Reduction Assessment LIFE09 ENV/IT/000092,

2) COSMOS - COlloidal Silica Medium to Obtain Safe inert: the case of incinerator fly ash LIFE08 ENV/IT/000434,

3) H-REII: Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries LIFE08 ENV/IT/000422,

4) H-REII Demo: Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries LIFE10 ENV/IT/000397,

5) SHOWW: puShing aHead with field implementatiOn of best fitting WasteWater treatment and management solutions LIFE10 INF/IT/000282,

6) FISH SCALE: Food Information and Safeguard of Habitat a Sustainable Consumption Approach in Local Environment LIFE09 INF/IT/000076,

7) IDENTIS WEEE: Identification determination traceability integrated system for WEEE LIFE10 ENV/IT/000393,

8) Sustainable Cruise: Prototypes and approaches for raising the waste hierarchy on board and certifying it LIFE10 ENV/IT/000367

9) DIAPASON: Desert-dust Impact on Air quality through model-predictions and Advances Sensors ObservatioNs LIFE10 ENV/IT/000391,

10) GREEN SITE: Supercritical fluid technologies for river and sea sediment remediation LIFE10 ENV/IT/000343

11) SOILPRO: Monitoring for soil protection LIFE08 ENV/IT/000428, 

12) RARITY: Eradicate invasive Louisiana red swamp and preserve native white clawed crayfish in Friuli Venezia Giulia LIFE10 NAT/IT/000239, 

13) SustUse Fumigants: Sustainable use of chemical fumigants for the control of soil-borne pathogens in the horticultural sector LIFE08 ENV/IT/000432,

14) TyRec4life: Development and Implementation of Innovative and Sustainable Technologies for the Use of Scrap Tyre Rubber in Road Pavements LIFE10 ENV/IT/000390

15) SEDI.PORT.SIL: Recovery of dredged SEDIments of the PORT of Ravenna and SILicon extraction LIFE09 ENV/IT/000158, 

16) ETABETA: Innovazione e sostenibilita' nelle aree produttive LIFE09 ENV/IT/000105, 

17) LAIKA: Local Authorities Improving Kyoto Actions 

18) EXPAH: population EXposure to PAH LIFE09 ENV/IT/000082,

19) NOW: No more Organic Waste LIFE10 ENV/IT/000404,

20) FO3REST - Ozone and Climate Change Impacts on French and Italian Forests: 
    Refinement of criteria and thresholds for forest protection LIFE10 ENV/FR/000208, 

21) POSEIDONE - Urgent conservation actions of *Posidonia beds of Northern Latium LIFE09 NAT/IT/000176

22) PODEBA - Use of poultry dejection for the bathing phase in the tanning cycle - LIFE10 ENV/IT/000365

23) ECOFATTING - Environmentally friendly natural products instead of chloroparaffines in the fatting phase of the tanning cycle - LIFE10 ENV/IT/000364

24) Clash Oil - Use of graphite and biolubricants stabilized by engineered active surfaces for the fluxing of transmission and gearing LIFE10 ENV/IT/000428 

25) INHABIT - Local hydro-morphology, habitat and RBMPs: new measures to improve ecological quality in South European rivers and lakes LIFE08 ENV/IT/000413

26) HUSH: Harmonization of Urban Noise reduction strategies for Homogeneous action plans LIFE08 ENV/IT/000386,

27) ROADTIRE - Integration of end-of-life tires in the life cycle of road construction  LIFE 09 ENV/GR/000304

28) N.O.WA.S.T.E. - New Organic Waste Sustainable Treatment Engine: Implementation and Promotion of a System for the household organic waste treatment and domestic composting LIFE09 ENV/IT/000070

29) COAST-BEST - CO-ordinated Approach for Sediment Treatment and BEneficial reuse in Small harbours neTworks  LIFE08 ENV/IT/000426

30) New Life - Environmental recovery of degraded soils and desertified by a new treatment technology for land reconstruction LIFE10 ENV/IT/000400

31) SUSTABS - New Absorbing Materials and Technologies for Feminine Hygiene Products with Reduced Waste LIFE10 ENV/IT/000325

32) OXATAN - Environmentally Friendly Oxazolidine-Tanned Leather - LIFE08 ENV/E/000140

33) ANTARES - Alternative Non-Testing methods Assessed for REACH Substances - LIFE08 ENV/IT/000435

34) SHOELAW - Promotion of Environmental Legislation among European Footwear Industries  - LIFE08 ENV/E/000147

35) RECOIL - Recovered waste cooking oil for combined heat and power production LIFE10 - ENV/IT/00034

36) WIZ - WaterIZe spatial planning: encompass future drinkwater management conditions to adapt to climat change LIFE09 ENV/IT/000056

37) RELS - Innovative chain for energy recovery from waste in natural parks LIFE08 ENV/IT/000388

38) ECORUTOUR - Environmentally COmpatible RUral TOURism in protected areas for a sustainable development at low emission of greenhouse gasses LIFE08 ENV/IT/000404
39) SUN EAGLE - Endorsement actions for Governance of local environment LIFE09 ENV/IT/000115
40) AQUA - Achieving good water QUality status in intensive Animal production areas       
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000208
41) FACTOR20 - Forwarding demonstrative ACTions On a Regional and local scale to reach Ue targets of the European Plan"20/20/20" LIFE08 ENV/IT/000430


25 maggio 2012